• Bookkeeping

Keep Your Books Up to Date

At The Sapphire Group, our team of Certified Public Bookkeepers and Quickbooks Pro-Advisors are here to provide top-notch financial management to help your business thrive. From account reconciliation to budgeting and forecasting, we have the expertise to keep your finances in order. Let us handle the financial tasks so you can focus on what you do best – running your business

Online Bookkeeping

We use only the best technology for our bookkeeping services. Then we use tools within the accounting ecosystems to digitize and optimize accounting workflows. With our team of experts, there’s no accounting process that we cannot improve by leveraging our industry leading support.

Financial Reporting

Our staff can provide daily, weekly, or monthly financial updates to make sure that you’re in the loop about your finances. These updates cover: Balance sheets, trial balance reconciliations,
monthly reviews of company performance, Income statements, and custom financial reports.

Payroll Services

Deciding to hire employees adds new complexities to any business accounting system. We’ll keep your business up to date on all federal, state, and local payroll regulations and provide you with easy to understand payroll reports so that you can focus on running and growing your business

How much do bookkeeping services cost?

Most of our clients engage us in full-service work averaging from $1,000-$2,000/mo. All of our services are catered to your unique needs. Because every business is a little different, this means that our proposals are also tailored to suit your business.

How do I send receipts and other paper?

We use cloud accounting technology and tools within the cloud accounting ecosystem, and can digitize almost any paper process. We provide all of our clients with secure portals, that provide digital communication streams and permanent digital retention for you and your business.

Can a bookkeeper prepare tax returns?

A bookkeeper may be able to prepare some of the tax forms required by IRS, such as 1099s for your contractors. Even though the bookkeepers do not prepare tax returns, having books up-to-date can bring significant savings.

Should a bookkeeper sign checks?

Bookkeepers should not sign checks. But in a really small organization this may not be practical. One approach is to allow the bookkeeper (or the person who handles the money) to sign small emergency checks, for no more than $100 or $200