• Video Services

Inspire Your Audiences & Build Your Brand

Today viewing videos online is easier than ever and has given rise to the popularity of inbound video marketing. Video clearly communicates to a viewer the value of your product, service, or organization while acting as your 24/7 spokesperson. We love working with clients to growth hack their companies through stunning video-storytelling techniques.

Corporate Videos

Whether advertising a product, introducing the new CEO or training materials for your employees, video experiences effortlessly inspire people to take action in ways that no other medium can.

Promotional Videos

We produce compelling promotional videos that captivate audiences, inspire action and drive results for businesses and brands. Content that gives customers the confidence to take the next step, whatever that may be.

Training Videos

Training content doesn’t have to be dry. Your audience learns more effectively when they’re engaged, & most importantly, they retain that information longer.

What does the production process like?

We coordinate and manage the video production process from start to finish. In a nutshell, we help with creative direction, setting a budget, writing scripts, organizing logistics, deadlines, and communicating with the team each step of the way.

What equipment do I need to shoot a video?

We will provide the video equipment, however our services do not cover production props, celebrity talent, musical compositions, and related clearances, unless otherwise noted in the production contract.

How long should a promo video be?

One minute videos are usually too short while five-minute videos are too long, even for the engaged audience. An optimal length of a promo video would be around two to three minutes.

What is the expected timeline of a deliverable?

It varies on the length of the video, however a video will typically be edited and 1st cut sent for review within 15 days of completed project filming. We allow up to 3 video revisions total.